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My monotypes (one-of-a-kind works on paper) start with an idea or feeling which I express in textures and colors using natural and manmade found objects. I am a tactile person, always touching things and feeling their texture.  Because I am a printmaker I see an item’s potential by how it might appear after color and pressure have been applied. 

I use leaves, grasses, ferns, seaweed, eggshells, metal objects, mesh, string, and other items. These objects are inked and placed on an inked plexiglass plate, then a damp piece of paper is placed on top and the whole thing is run through the press. 

After pulling the original print, I can either use the "ghost" plate and pull another print, or I can remove the objects and use that "ghosted" image. Also as the plate is being prepared, I can use what is on the roller and roll that on a plate, or use the reverse side of an object that was already printed. It is the unlimited possibilities and uncertainty of what exactly will appear, in addition to the image being the reverse of what I worked on, that makes the monotype process so exciting. Each print is unique and the result of an adventure.


In my paintings I layer and juxtapose various mediums: water soluble oil paints, printing inks, charcoal, pastel, oil pastel, graphite, india inks. It is challenging and exhilarating to see the variations in the handling of subject matter via different mediums and also how one medium influences another.



Lynda shares her love and wonder of nature through her art. Throughout her life she has taken art classes. During her senior year of college, in Paris France, Lynda was introduced to printmaking with Rene Tzolakis in her print studio. Rene obtained texture in her pieces by using textured fabrics, found objects, and etching them into her plates using different etching techniques. She used her etching press to get the detail on the plate to transfer onto the printing paper. Lynda loved it. Years later when looking for printmaking classes in the United States, Lynda took a monotype printmaking class and found her passion. Monotype printmaking involves creating only one print and never having to repeat it. Lynda uses natural and manmade objects, and an etching press to create her pieces. For example: to show grasses moving in the wind, she uses real grasses and ferns; for stars in the sky, she crushes and crumbles eggshells; ……. Lynda also enjoys incorporating other mediums to enhance her prints: chine colle, collage, oil and chalk pastels, black Chinese ink, oil paints, colored pencils, ……


Lynda has exhibited in New England in both solo and group shows, and has received numerous awards.  Her work is in many corporate, private, and non-profit collections in the U.S. and abroad.  


She is a member of the: Monotype Guild of New England (MGNE);  Nature Printing Society (NPS); Unbound Visual Arts (UVA); Newton (NAA), North Shore (NSAA), and Rockport (RAA) Art Associations.  She lives in Newton, MA and summers in Rockport, MA.

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