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"My work is informed by nature. Whether working at the coast, in the colors of autumn, in the freshness of spring, or in the radiance of sunlight, I come to know myself and my goals as an artist."
My monotypes, mixed media, oils, pastels, and watercolors focus on nature and my fascination with it.

My prints are one-of-a-kind; using monotype, monoprint, or collagraph techniques. I start with an idea or feeling which I express in textures and colors using natural and manmade found objects. I am a tactile person, always touching things and feeling their texture. Because I am a printmaker I see an item's potential by how it might appear after color and pressure have been applied. When possible, I apply paint to both sides of an object and use it in different ways in several prints. For example: I print the original print, then use the "ghosted" plate, I also use the "other side of the object", and use the "ghost of the ghost" if there is enough color/texture left, etc. It is the unlimited possibilities and uncertainty of what exactly will appear (in addition to the image being the reverse of what one worked on) that makes the monotype process so exciting. Each print is unique and the result of an adventure. My goal is to transmit my enthusiasm for the printmaking process and its creativeness to others.

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Fall 2014 HBO - OLIVE KITTERIDGE series, 3 small pieces in scenes in the New York City brownstone.
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“Lynda Goldberg, Monoprint Artist” produced by Roberto Mighty, with Kathryn Howell - Newton, MA;
“Inside the Artist’s Studio: Arlene Bandes & Lynda Goldberg” video, produced by Regina Eliot-Ramsey

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THE ART OF PRINTING FROM NATURE "A GUIDEBOOK FROM THE NATURE PRINTING SOCIETY" (REVISED and EXPANDED - Oct 2016). Chapter entitled: "Monotype Nature Printing With A Press" pages 48 through 51
by Lynda Goldberg: (Link)
- by Kristen Bosse: (Link)

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WATER DROPLETS (monotype & chine colle) Art From the Soul Award, Rockport Art Association & Museum, 10/16
CLEMATIS VINES III (monotype) Second Place, Monotype Guild of New England 9/15
MEADOW GRASSES (monotype & water color) Best of Show, Marblehead Festival of the Arts, 7/15
HOLLYHOCKS (monotype) Honorable Mention, Weston Arts & Crafts Association, 5/15
DEPTHS (monotype), Best of Show, Marblehead Festival of the Arts, 7/13
UNTITLED (monotype & chine colle), Second Place, Weston Arts & Crafts Association, 5/13
WATER'S EDGE (monotype), Best of Show, Marblehead Festival of the Arts, 7/12
IN AIR (monotype), Honorable Mention, Weston Arts & Crafts Association, 4/12
GO WITH THE FLOW (monotype & mixed media), Honorable Mention, Bonnar Award, Newton Art Association, 2/12; Outstanding Work, Marblehead Festival of the Arts, 7/11
MOONLIGHT (monotype), Honorable Mention, Marblehead Festival of the Arts, 7/11
BLOWIN' IN THE WIND (monotype), Third Prize, Weston Arts & Crafts Association, 5/11
MEADOW WIND (monotype & mixed media), Honorable Mention, Marblehead Festival of Arts, 7/10
NIGHT STORM I (monotype), Best of Show & People's Choice Awards, Marblehead Festival of Arts, 7/10
3rd place, Monotype Guild of New England, 4/09
MEADOW GLOW (monotype), 1st prize, Gene Faucher Award, Newton Art Association, 9/09
WIND DANCES (monotype) – Frances Phillips Memorial Award (Graphics), Rockport Art Association, 8/08; and Honorable Mention & People's Choice Awards, Marblehead Festival of the Arts, 7/08
MYSTERY (monotype) – Honorable Mention, Marblehead Festival of the Arts, 7/08
BRANCHING OUT (monotype collage) – Honorable Mention, Rockport Art Association, 3/08
SEED PODS (monotype) – Frances Carley Menna Memorial Award, North Shore Art Association, 10/06
"FALL" AT THE POND (monotype) –  People's Choice, Marblehead Festival of the Arts, 7/06
MEADOW AGLOW (monotype) – Honorable Mention, Marblehead Festival of the Arts, 7/06
POND AT MIDNIGHT (monotype) – Second Prize, Newton Art Association 4/06
STORM'S COMING (monotype) – Harry Ballinger Graphic Award, North Shore Art Association, 8/05
HINT OF WINTER (monotype) – Honorable Mention, Newton Art Association, 8/04
TRAVELING THROUGH SPACE (monotype) – Honorable mention, Marblehead Festival of the Arts, 7/04
SACK'S GERANIUMS (oil) – Wet Paint Category, Outstanding Work, Marblehead Festival of the Arts, 7/01
DRYDOCKED (pastel) – Judge's Choice, Marblehead Art Association, 9/98
NEW HAMPSHIRE WOODS (oil) – Outstanding Work, Marblehead Art Association, 2/98
THE APPLE PICKER (pastel) – Art Guild Award, Marblehead Festival of the Arts, 7/97
DAISIES (Watercolor) – Third Place, Newton Art Association, 4/97
SUNFLOWERS (watercolor) – Honorable Mention, Newton Art Association, 5/96

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9/2012-Present New Art Center, Newtonville, MA 02460 - monotypes
May 31, 2014 “Printing With An Artist”, Simmons College, Boston, MA
Summer 2010-2013, 2016 Monotype Workshop, North Shore Art Association, Gloucester, MA
11/09 Workshop, Nature Printing Society, Little Switzerland, NC
9/04 - 6/08, Fall 2010 Jewish Community Center (JCC) Newton, MA - monotypes
2/08 Monotype Workshop, Art Center Manatee, Bradenton, FL
8/07 Workshop, Nature Printing Society, Bar Harbor, ME
9/02 - 8/04 Acorn Gallery and School of Art, Marblehead, MA - oil painting

Lynda Goldberg Juror Banner

July 2012 Marblehead Festival of the Arts, Printmaking Exhibit
2011, 2008 seasons North Shore Art Association

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2013-Present Classes with: John Murray, Jeremy Angier, Chuck Holzman, Sarah Kahn, and Wen-hao Tien; at New Art Center
7 & 8/2014 Rockport Art Association with Susan Guest-McPhail
Jan 2013 Workshop with Joel Janowitz
2010 Workshop with Ron Mier
2008 DeCordova Museum School with Vivian Berman
2006 Workshops with Deb Citron-Stevens, Susan Daly, Joan Hausrath
2005 Workshops at Mixit Studio with: Catherine Kernan, Marty Epp
1999-2002 Acorn Gallery and School of Art with Deborah Freeman Highberger
1993-1999 Workshops with Lois Tarlow
1997 Museum School Workshop with Robin Dash
1997, 1998 Montserrat Art School, Critique with Patrick Carter
1996 DeCordova Museum with Dudty Fletcher
1990-1992 JCC with Majorie Gerber Gold, David Campbell
1985-1991 Northeastern University, Mass College of Art, JCC (Ilana Manolson, 1985-87; Kim Berman 1988)
1974-1975 Experimental Etching Studio with Deborah Cornell
1973-1974 Etching with Rena Tzolakis, Paris

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11/2015-11/2016 Mt Auburn Hospital, Waltham Location, 354 Oaks Rd, Suite 200, Waltham,MA
April - Sept 4, 2016 TRUE BISTRO RESTAURANT, 1153 Broadway, Somerville, MA
July 2016 WELLESLEY FREE LIBRARY, 530 Washington St., Wellesley, MA 02482
Oct, 2015 THE SHERBORN LIBRARY, 4 Sanger St., Sherborn, MA 01770
June 8, 2015 - mid July, 2015 DANIELS GALLERY Hebrew Senior Life, 100 Center St., Roslindale, MA
9/2 - 12/24/2014 DORSET CAFE, 352 Washington St., Wellesley, MA
1-6/2014 Brookline Bank, 323 Walnut St., Newtonville, MA (NAC Satellite Gallery)
7/2013-8/2014 Freedman Health Care, 29 Crafts St., Newton, MA (NAC Satellite Gallery)
September 2013 BLITZ MEDIA, 203 Crescent St. #403, Waltham, MA 02453
Feb 8 - April 3, 2013 MARY JO RINES GALLERY, First Parish Church
349 Boston Post Rd, Weston, MA 02493
Oct 26 - Dec 1, 2012 SPRING HOUSE, Allendale Rd. Jamaica Plain, MA
July 6 - Oct 31, 2011 L'Aroma Café, Newton, MA
August 7-21, 2011 North Shore Art Association (Small Works Exhibit), Gloucester, MA
June 4 - July 4, 2011 CADBURY COMMONS, Cambridge, MA
3/30/11 - 4/25/2011 Ratner Museum, Bethesda, MD (four-person show)
1/30/11 - 1/31/11 Gallery Newton Free Public Library (five-person show)
12/12/2010 - 1/5/11 Cloister Gallery at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, Marblehead, MA
10/9/10 - 11/11/10 The Gallery at Grosvenor Park, Salem, MA
3/2 - 4/15/2010 Norumbega Point at Weston, Weston, MA
6/09 & 7/09 Diversity Gallery at Tufts Health Plan, Watertown, MA (five-person show)
6/15, 3/11, 3/09 Daniels Gallery, Hebrew Rehab, Senior Life, Boston, MA
1/09 Needham Free Public Library, Needham, MA
11/06 Newton Free Library, Newton, MA
10/05 - 11/05 University Place, Cambridge, MA (three-person show)
12/04 Daniels Gallery, Hebrew Rehabilitation Center for the Aged, Boston, MA
4/02 - 5/02 Perkins Gallery, Striar JCC, Stoughton, MA (two-person show)
1-2/02 LaSalle College, Newton, MA
6/01 - 9/01 Newton South Cooperative Bank, Newton, MA
6/00 - 9/00 Citizens Bank, Newton, MA
4/99 - 5/99 Marblehead Art Association, Marblehead, MA
6/98 - 9/98 Art Guild Gallery, Marblehead, MA
4/97 - 5/97 Newton South Cooperative Bank, Newton, MA

Lynda Goldberg Selected Group Shows Banner

11/3-29/16 New Members’ Show, NAWA GALLERY, 315 West 39th St., Suite 508,
NYC, NY 10018
April 6 - May 7, 2016 ATTLEBORO ARTS MUSEUM, Attleboro, MA
Oct 1 - Nov 6, 2015 SCOLLAY SQUARE GALLERY, Boston City Hall, One City Hall Plaza,
Boston, MA 02201
Sep 2 - Oct 30, 2015 MORSE INSTITUTE LIBRARY, 14 E Central Street, Natick, MA 01760
Nov 9, 2016-Jan 7, 2017,
Feb 25 - March 15, 2015
New Art Center, BONNAR SHOW, 61 Washington Park, Newtonville, MA 02460
8/2013 - Present CANTERBURY HILL STUDIO & GALLERY, 41 Main St., Rockport, MA
4/2014-3/2015, 6/2010-6/2011 Bass Rocks Golf Club, Club House, Gloucester, MA
9/2013 BLITZ MEDIA, 203 Crescent St. #403, Waltham, MA 02453
May 1 - 31, 2014 L'AROMA CAFE, 15 Spencer St., West Newton, MA 02465
(5-person show)
10/23-11/24/13 Brickbottom Gallery, Brickbottom Studios, 1 Fitchburg St., Somerville, MA 02143 (and selected shows 10/2010 to present)
10/25-11/3/2013 NEW ART CENTER FACULTY SHOW, 61 Washington Park, Newtonville, MA 02460
11/07 - Present Rockport Art Association, various shows (juried entry)
5-10/04 - Present North Shore Art Association, Gloucester, MA (juried entry, award winner 8/05)
12/2011 - 9/2012 Nantaskart! Gallery, Hull, MA
Zullo Gallery – Center for the Arts, Medfield, MA (MGNE, juried entry)
1/2010 - 7/2011 Blackburn Medical Center, Gloucester, MA
8/08 - 10/10 FLATROCKS GALLERY, Gloucester, MA
6/07 - 10/10 Mill Brook Gallery and Sculpture Garden, Concord, NH
1/01 - 6/09 Cambridge Art Association, Cambridge, MA (numerous exhibitions, juried entry)
5/3 - 6/14/09 Armenian Library & Museum of America, Watertown, MA,
(Newton Art Association)
4/8 - 4/30/09 New Hampshire Institute of Art, Manchester, NH (juried entry)
3/31 - 5/1/09 MGNE at Lynn Arts, Inc., Lynn, MA (juried entry, 3rd place)
9/08 - 4/09 PROCTOR MANSION, Wrentham, MA (invitational)
5/08, 7/08, 10/08 THE MALL, Chestnut Hill, MA
4-6/08 Boston Convention Center (Hynes), Boston, MA
3-5/08 DeCordova Museum School Gallery, Lincoln, MA
11/07, 10/06 Trustees of Reservations, Great House, Crane Estate, Ipswich, MA (juried entry)
5/06 – 6/06 MGNE at The Whistler House Museum of Art (juried entry)
4/06 – 6/06 Village Bank, Newton, MA (Second Prize)
1/06 – 3/06 Mayyim Hayyim, Newton, MA (juried entry)
10/04 - 1/06 JCC, Newton, MA (2 person show) Lobby
7/05 - 11/05 Starr Gallery, Leventhal-Sidman JCC, Newton, MA
8/04 MGNE at Rhode Island Watercolor Society, Pawtucket, RI (juried entry)
6/06, 6/04 Art in the Barn, Essex County Greenbelt, Essex, MA (juried entry)
2/03 - 2/04 Concord Art Association, Concord, MA (numerous exhibitions, juried entry)
July's 2001 - 04 Acorn Gallery, Marblehead, MA
July's 1997 - present Marblehead Festival of the Arts, Marblehead, MA (juried entry, various awards)
6/00 - 7/00 Starr Gallery, Leventhal-Sidman JCC, Newton, MA
1/99 - 3/99 New Art Center, Newton, MA
9/97 Gallery 333, Falmouth, MA
Lynda Goldberg Memberships Banner
National Association of Women Artists (NAWA); Brickbottom (BAA), Newton (NAA), North Shore (NSAA), Rockport (RAA) Art Associations; Monotype Guild of New England (MGNE); Nature Printing Society (NPS); Weston Arts & Crafts Association (WACA); Unbound Visual Arts (UVA), Brighton, MA
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